Friday, July 5, 2013

It's Five O' Clock Somewhere...

Perhaps it's because during the school year my five o'clock hour is usually spent shuttling someone to a soccer practice or baseball game, when summer rolls around I become very interested in all things "cocktail hour". Suddenly, I'm ready to freshen up my bar, concoct new libations, and sit outside enjoying the summer evenings. With that in mind, I've been investigating bar carts lately. I've got a few inspirations shots for you, as well as my choices for bringing a little "Mad Men" bar cart action into your house.

1. So perfectly Palm Beach retro. The Mrs. Lilien Bar Cart from Society Social.

2. Sleek and Elegant.  The Connaught Bar Cart.

3. Giving off an Eileen Gray vibe. The Ladner Nickel Bar Cart

4. Gilt & Mirror. The Roland Gold Leaf.

5. Industrial Chic. Vintage Steel Trolley

6.My personal favorite! The Lisbon Bar Cart.

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