Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I am just crazy about Aerin Lauder's style--both fashion and interiors. It's always the perfect blend of elegant but relaxed, classic while still being youthful. I love how she wears her hair long and loose even with her evening gowns, and even though it's her family business to sell makeup, she hardly ever seems to be wearing any. Her houses all have that completely elegant look to them, but there isn't a room where you don't feel like you couldn't put your feet up. She's just so representative of our generation...totally doing it all on her own terms.

Does anyone *not* want a cool photograph of themselves just like this one?

Part of her new line of tableware and completely glamorous!

Love this repetition of pattern, and simple black/white/cream in her master bedroom.

In the words of Rachel Zoe...I die!! 

Everything about this living room is perfection for me...the orange walls, the leopard sofa, the AMAZING gallery wall, the fur throw. Absolute perfection!!

And, this is exactly how I want to look while riding my bike around the Hamptons!

Want to infuse your life with a little of the fabulousness of Aerin? 

1. Corsica Snake Skin Sandal // 2. Palm Beach Pendant Necklace// 3. Cote d'Azur Ring// 4. Aerin Beauty Kabuki Brush// 5. Ram's Murex Shell// 6. Cream Shagreen Frame// 7. Summer Color Collection Compact// 8. Claremont Bootie// 9. Blue Shagreen Jewelry Box

Inspiration images via pinterest//collage images via Aerin/Nordstrom

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

La Crema "Style your Summer"

Judging by my previous post, I think my Pinterest addiction is fairly obvious. Inspiration is everywhere, and it's so easy to dream up ideas for fabulous parties of any time of year, and for any occasion. I'm always dreaming up wild, extravagant ideas for different parties...and then, of course, the reality of the price tag hits. Anyone here know what I'm talking about? Well, La Crema has teamed up with Camille Styles (Have you seen her blog? Love!) to host a "Style your Summer" contest on Pinterest. The winner will receive $5,000 to host that dream party. How could I resist? Click here to view my board.

And...if you want to submit a board of your own, create it in Pinterest and then go to La Crema's Facebook Page for rules of submission.

Obsession: Black & White Stripes

To call this a mere obsession must be an understatement. As I looked through my own digital files and pinterest, it became increasingly clear that I am in over my head when it comes to black and white stripes. I'll take them on anything...clothes, furniture, walls, windows, tents! I can't get enough of this black and white goodness. 

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