Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Reading List

Here's what is on my bedside table these days:

When Lisa Borgnes Giramonti who writes one of my favorite blogs A Bloomsbury Life recently released a book of interiors inspired by great works of literature, I knew I had to have it. Let me just say--it does not disappoint! I've been pouring through this book over and over again. 

I was hesitant to start this book since I don't work in corporate America, and I had heard that she doesn't write anything about entrepreneurial women.  One critic wrote something to the effect of, "She writes about how to be a woman working for people like Mark Zuckerberg, not how to be the next Mark Zuckerberg." I figured that at just around 200 pages, there might be some insight to glean, and it would be a relatively quick read. Sheryl Sandberg and I are exactly the same age, and I'm finding I can relate to much of what she writes about in the book. I don't have daughters, but you can bet that if I did...I would not only be reading this book, I'd be giving it to my daughters to read as well.

Liane Moriarty is one of favorite contemporary authors. She is laugh-out loud, "spit out your wine" hysterical. Having read most of her previous books, I was ready to dive into this one about murder at an exclusive primary school among "tiger mums". It's hilarious the similarities I find among my own circle to the mums she writes about in Sydney. Love her!

Planning a very fun family trip with some friends to Iceland and Scotland this summer so I'm trying to read up all I can on both countries. I love the DK guides; they are my absolute favorites! They don't offer one for Iceland so I found this one that Isight publishes. I'm one of those people who just must have pictures in her travel guides. How can you just read about the sights?? It baffles me! 

Do tell...what are you reading these days?

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